My Travel Tot: You’ve Got it Made Interview

My Travel Tot: You've Got it Made Interview

Hi Everyone – the first You’ve Got It Made Maker Interview of 2017 is with Allison of My.TravelTot!

Hi Allison – can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what do you make?
I’m a mum of three from Melbourne and I make travel quilts that fold into a carry bag for little ones out and about. It’s a unique product as it can be used as a travel pillow, blanket, carry bag or play mat.

How did MyTravelTot get started?
My mum made a blanket bag for my first daughter. I found myself using it repeatedly in various situations such as pram walks, car car trips etc. So i decided to buy some fabric, modify the dimensions and added a long strap to make it easy to use as a carry bag for children and adults. My kids tried to keep every bag so i kept making more, eventually deciding to pop them online.

My Travel Tot: You've Got it Made Interview

What was your inspiration?
Definitely my children as whenever I’ve had second thoughts and contemplated why I was spending so much time on the project I would then hear them talking about their special bag or see them walking around with it carrying their toy in the front pocket so proudly, or we would be on a picnic and it would come in handy as a soft mat for them. This would keep me inspired to make more and reinforce the belief I have that it is actually a handy little product! I also get inspired when I see a great fabric print and I get excited to create it into a bag.

So what’s in store for 2017 for MyTravelTot?
Continuing to make more bags in new prints and try to stop my kids from stealing them all 😉