Moonie Mars: You’ve Got it Made Interview

Moonie Mars: You've Got it Made Interview

Hi Everyone, in this week’s You’ve Got it Made Interview we talk to Julie Dinh of Moonie Mars Creation

My name is Julie Dinh and I am a doll maker. My designs range from beautiful princesses and fairies to wacky, weird monsters and demons. I like that my style is all over the place because it represents my mood at the time. I’m not always happy and chipper, sometimes I just feel like a grump monster which is fine with me. Hehe.

How did you get started?

I got started this year, that’s 2016 for those who are reading this in another time zone…or a few weeks from now. After I graduated uni I felt lost with my career and future, I have always been interested in graphics and fashion but I couldn’t pin point where I wanted to go in life.

One day I came across an account on Instagram called “The Cat Rabbit” and it changed the way I thought about my ‘dream’ job. The account gave me a new path to follow and making and designing dolls was the perfect job for me.

What was your inspiration?

CAT RABBIT!! She definitely gave me inspiration to make dolls, or what I like to say ‘creations’ (sounds more Frankenstein-ish…#notreally). What I like about her style is the unique/wacky imagination, the ‘no hold barred’, THE BRILLIANCE, THE GENUIS…Ok, I’ll stop there. I think you guys understand how much I like Cat Rabbit. Although Cat Rabbit was a strong influence for me to design dolls, my very first start in doll making was a D.I.Y book my sister gave me for Christmas called “Steampunk Softies”. I made my very first doll with that book and I was hooked. Another inspiration is to keep it weird. The sillier and wackier it gets, the more inspired I become. I know. WEIRD.

Moonie Mars: You've Got it Made Interview

What keeps you motivated?

I try to come up with ideas that matches my…let’s just say ‘unique’ personality. For instances, Disco Aliens or Hipster Demons, which might sound mindless or deranged in theory but it usually works out in the end. Ideas with endless imagination, creating dolls both orthodox and unorthodox pushes to keep me motivated.

Why unorthodox you ask? (Well, no one asks but I’ll tell you) It’s to challenge your originality, imagination and style. Basically, to see how wacky you can get. However, not everything has to be ‘weird’ and ‘wacky’, I also love making simple princess/girly dolls, which is way I love doll making it allows you to go in any direction you want.

My favourite aspect about designing and making dolls is the fact that you’re making your own creation, watching it come to life from the drawing board to final production. Seeing an idea from point A to B is a massive challenge, things will change, things will fail and hopefully succeed and success is a great motivation.

What’s in store for 2017 for Moonie Mars Creations?

Hopefully, Moonie Mar’s Creations will kick off with busy business in 2017. I have an Etsy store which seems to be, lets’s be honest here, looking very sad at the moment but I’m keeping my head up and eventually business will be booming (fingers crossed, crossed so hard my fingers are numb).

I am looking to reach out to a wider audience and hopefully everyone from all ages will enjoy my creations. Eventually, further down the track, I want Moonie Mar’s Creation to expand further in textiles, whether it be wearable art (e.g. tees, earrings etc) or merchandise, wherever it leads I’m looking forward to the future. I have more ideas, more dolls to make, more drive and ambition than ever. Please stay tuned for more to come.

Thank you Julie – you can see more of her wonderful and creative work on Instagram @mooniemarscreation

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